Ceiling Fan Needs Regular Cleaning

Ceiling Fan Needs Regular Cleaning

Ceiling fans are most demanding must-haves by all type customers whether elite or middle, rich or moderate all are prerequisites to have ceiling fans, most of the people think that home appliances are incomplete without ceiling fans because of its diverse qualities, but like every electronic devices ceiling fans also required attention to maintain their performance for a long time.

Commonly ceiling fan doesn’t get our attention during everyday cleaning but it is important to keep them clean in our daily routine. Due to height installation many people think that it is so difficult to check ceiling fan cleaning conditions on everyday however it is not much problem as we thought but if you think that it is laborious to clean daily you can go for weekly cleaning. Let we have some pro tips to keep ceiling fan maintain for a long time.

Fix Blades and Clean Them on Every Sunday

Ceiling Fan Needs Regular CleaningHome appliances required bit attention to perform with efficiency, (get energy efficient ceiling fans) a ceiling fan is dependent on their blades which need to be cleaned twice in a week on thrice if you want the ultimate performance of any type ceiling. Smart ceilings will inform you through your cell phone that it needs cleanliness because of saving records in the operating app. Vacuum blades in daily routine will help you to save from dust accumulation. Nobody likes dust full fans and it decreases the value of your spaces, a huge amount of dust on edges of blades can lead your fan towards destruction and finally, it can cause total damage of your device.

Check Screws Every Week

Mechanical maintenance increases the life span of any machines if they look after according to manufacture guidelines. Check out the light fixtures, screws and other parts of ceiling fan if you want noise-free ventilation in your bedroom. You may need to check it once or twice every week this will increase the durability of your product.

Immediately Fix If You Found Any Shaking

Ceiling Fan Needs Regular CleaningSlight shaking in blades or little noise in running a motor can lead to extensive loss, embayed this problem on an urgent basis. Install switches which have enough capacity to revolve blade with full of efficiency. if your ceiling little shaky it’s mean your ceiling fan has some loose screw in its any part let them tight and you can find out dismiss screws or loosen nuts by just hearing something unusual while moving blades when ceilings are switched on you must fix these before it becomes bigger.

Lubricate Motor Once In Month

Motor lubrication is an essential step in regular maintenance of ceiling fans, you may call an expert for this or go by self if you can but this is the major part which makes your ceiling fans high performers and free from unnecessary noise. Lubrication helps blades to work smoothly and they didn’t produce fraction during revolving with each other. Follow the company guidelines if you have some problem or you found any sound in the ceiling blades it better to ask with an expert to fix these issues instead of doing by self.